Our Vision

Our vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged useful life.

iGalen takes its name from Claudius Galen, Galen was the greatest physician of ancient Rome. Whereas Hippocrates laid the foundation of Greek Medicine, Galen further developed its theory and practice, and carried Greco-Roman medicine to its zenith. He served Marcus Aurelius during his reign.

His ancient contributions to the understanding of the human body fueled our passion to provide the very best products we can, so you can live the life you choose. Live Life and live it well.

With our flagship product Emulin+, our goal is to continue unveiling products engineered by nature. Products we will not just promote, but will also personally consume. Products we will stand firmly behind and gladly share with our loved ones. We believe firmly in what we do and how we do it.

Our world is filled with hype. We intend to shoot straight, live up to our commitments and build relationships of trust based on a single, yet profound word: Integrity. It is through the lens of integrity that we see our company, products, relationships, and their impact on the world. This is who we are and how we lived our lives before we met each other, long before we set out to create a company of value. A company we intend to pass on to future generations in an industry that gives back as much as it gets, impacting the lives of so many, in so many different ways.